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  • Web Design
  • Logo
  • Marketing Material


  • 5 Pages
  • Email setup
  • Branding Materials
  • Logo
  • User Guide
  • WordPress Build


Project Info


The Client wanted to create a website for their new business as well as a logo and marketing material. The client approached Peter Knapp with this challenge and he reached out to me for collaboration. The Client was starting this business from scratch but had a good sense of direction for the business and wanted their website and marketing material to reflect their professionalism and expertise. 


After Peter Knapp reached out to me, we met with the client to understand more of their business. We gathered the information we needed to help them reach their audience and display a strong, clean, timeless mark that will represent them. Peter and I collaborated on the ideas and agreed to split the work with his focus being on the printed material with mine on the website and digital aspects.

We went worked out the best colors for the logo and after a few iterations, presented strong options to the client. Once we knew we were on the right track for the logo, the rest of the pieces started to fall into place. I built the website using WordPress and the Divi theme from Elegant themes and provided a unique interface while optimizing their analytics and SEO. 

Website Design & Branding

Eunoia Writing Solutions

This was a complex, collaborative project with multiple stages. The end result was a 5 page dynamic, responsive website, logo, brand identity, and marketing material. This project required photo editing, photo creation, UI/UX design, Google Analytics setup and integration, SEO, email account setup, user guide, hosting setup, brand identity creation, and marketing material creation. 

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