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After we discuss your objectives and the best way to accomplish them, preferably over a cup of coffee, I start with research on the goal to familiarize myself with the field of interest to give you the best.



After the project discovery phase, I draft multiple concepts for the design. I first start out with paper and pencil and then after narrowing down my ideas, I move on to the digital side. Nothing sparks creativity more than holding a pencil in your hand and having a blank sheet of paper in front of you.


After drafting out concepts, I refine the concepts and make them ready to show. I like to give a few choices to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. If for some reason, the initial designs are close but not quite what you are envisioning, never fear. We can revise this until we are both satisfied with the final design of the piece.


After all the work is done, I will give you exactly what you wanted. I will work tirelessly to make sure you are extremely satisfied as a client and I am proud to have designed every project I have worked on.

Together, we can create something great!

Digital Art & Photography

Digital Art & Photography

I often begin my work by sketching out ideas while developing my story or message. I then take the photos I need of the models and/or landscapes. I process the photos either in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, and merge any layers I need to in Photoshop, where I put any final touches I need to complete my vision.

Web Design

Web Design

I have experience building websites in WordPress, Adobe Muse, and Adobe Dreamweaver, with WordPress being my preferred method. My process begins with research on the purpose of the website and the target audience. I then sketch out a wire frame design to visually see the user interface to better anticipate the user experience. I think of the design in its responsive format and try to make sure it is optimized for computer, tablet, and phone.

Print Design

Print Design

A lot of my experience so far has been with print design. I have experience creating flyers, posters, business cards, annual reports, book and magazine layout, and other print collateral. My experience has left me with knowledge of the print process from concept to completion. I have experience with working with printers to get projects looking their best.

Case Studies

Case Studies

A lot of my work often involves multi-media design and brand creation. This includes web design, image and logo creation, and a variety of print collateral all maintaining a unifying style guide throughout each piece.

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