Ag Sprint

The Challenge

I was tasked to create and design a website to advertise and draw in leads to TechSprint, an entrepreneurial startup accelerator geared towards technological endeavors. This is a program conducted through Arrowhead Center, a part of New Mexico State University, that is part of a series of “sprints” that are designed to help entrepreneurs. Each sprint needs to have a unified branding but be distinct enough to clearly separate the programs.

The Solution

I first began by getting a project brief for a website to be built as a landing page for the program. The main call to action was to not only get people to apply to the Ag Sprint program, but also provide information about the program. This program began to grow so much that it spawned a separate site that I designed, with more information about the main event, which can be found here.

I began my process by sketching out the wire frame of the website to map out the user interface. After developing the interface, I created several website sliders which would serve as the primary branding image for the program. After the image branding, the rest of the information was added alongside print material being created to help promote the program.

Complete Program Identity

The First Sprint of Four


WordPress Design


Image Creation

Day Turnaround

Cups of Coffee

Fully Responsive SIte

The site needed to work across all digital platforms, phone, tablets, and computer.

Built on WordPress

Built on WordPress, the content management system is the ideal platform for this site to allow for other editors to update information about the program.

User Friendly

The site is simple in design to allow for the main call to action to be the focal point for the user. The primary function of the site is to allow for people to apply to the site and provide information about the program itself.

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