The Idea

This is a self initiated project I wanted to create combining classical elements and portraiture. I wanted to create an art series that demonstrates an element and how it would effect someone in a fantastical environment. I first came up with the idea wanting to create posters to sell online. I have always liked conceptual photography and most of my photography projects usually touch on some classical idea or literature. I am happy to add this project to my collection of digital art/photography.

The Process

I first sketched out potential poses for my model to be in and assigned them to the element based on the overall shape of the pose. I created a mood board of different poses and then went to my model and photographed her in these various poses. From there, I processed my photos and clipped the model out so she is on a clear background. I then collected stock photos of different elements, (i.e. images of fire, water, lightning, etc).and  proceeded to compile my photographs with those of the stock images into the final images seen below. I really liked working on this project as it was a fun photo shoot, and I am very pleased with the final results.






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