The Idea

This is a self initiated project I wanted to create combining portraiture with story telling. I wanted to create an art series that retold Dante’s Inferno, walking the viewer through the gates and every circle of hell. I wanted to capture the details as Dante described each circle, with a few artistic liberties being taken due to my location, time of year shooting, and travel budget.

The Process

I first read and studied the descriptions of Dante’s Inferno, then sketched out potential ideas and locations where I can shoot. I decided I want the models to be in the same pose: angry and tormented. I accomplished this pose by staging the model in a position where they seem restrained but trying to get towards viewer. I then took three photos where the model is looking at the camera, to the left, and to the right. I then took another long exposure photo where model would slowly turn their head back and forth. I then merged the photos together to give the desired tormented effect. I then took the photos of the of any external elements I needed to add to my photos.

Levels of Hell





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