New Mexico
Gas Company

The Challenge

I was tasked to create and design a website to advertise New Mexico Gas Company and their recent altruism to Arrowhead Center which has led to the creation of a series of  entrepreneurial startup accelerator programs.

The Solution

I first began by getting a project brief for a website to be built as a landing page for news and events to highlight the impact New Mexico Gas Company has made on Arrowhead Center. I began my process by sketching out the wire frame of the website to map out the user interface. Due to this site allowing me to have more creative freedom, I opted for a continuous scrolling site utilizing fun parallax features.I hoped that this will not only draw more attention from user to help boost engagement, but will also allow for a more dynamic experience and highlight the importance of the sponsorship of New Mexico Gas Company.

Brand Sponsorship


WordPress Design


Image Creation

Day Turnaround

Cups of Coffee

Fully Responsive SIte

The site needed to work across all digital platforms, phone, tablets, and computer.

Built on WordPress

Built on WordPress theme, the content management system is the ideal platform for this site to allow for other editors to update information about the program.

Fun User Interface

The site is is fun to interact with across platforms. The use of parallax effects and a smooth, consistence transition from section to section allows for a fun and unique user experience.

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