The Four Loves

The Idea

This is a self initiated project I wanted to create personifying C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves through portraiture. Lewis identified love as being different types: Storge, Philia, Eros, and Agape, or familial, platonic, romantic, and godly love. These are the different types of love we experience in our lives through different relationships over our life time. It starts at birth and through the love we feel from our parents and family (Storge) where we are sheltered and protected. Then as we grow older we start to venture out into the world and meet people outside our family and we form bonds of friendship (Philia) which continues through the rest of our life. As the bonds of friendship mature as we do in our lives, we start to develop romantic feelings and attraction towards people (Eros) which forms the most common type of love with which we are familiar. The last is type of love is a godly or unselfish love (Agape). This is the type of love which Lewis stated as the truest form of love.

The Process

I wanted to tell a story through the series of photos that walks the view through each type of love using subtle poses, color, and classical elements to express the nature of the type of love. I first started out my process by brainstorming ideas to associate colors, poses, and wardrobe to each type of love. I then sketched out ideas help plan my shoot and give the model a sense of direction on what I was looking for. I then set up my lighting (where needed) and took a variety of shots and poses over the course of two days. After I finished shooting, I went through the and edited the photos and decided on which poses I liked the best and fit the type of love I wished to personify.



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